What is HPC?

High Performance Computing most generally refers to practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of typical desktop or workstation computer, in order to solve large problems in science, engineering or business.

High Performance

Finish your computation jobs in hours instead of weeks!

HPC systems combines high speed network interconnects, parallel file systems and reliable hardware with clever design to utilize parallel computing on the cluster. This approach enables the system to perform calculations very quickly.

New generation of graphics cards (GPUs, GPGPUs and Co-Processors) pushes HPC system’s computing capacity even further. For the supported applications, a GPGPU card can speed up the calculations significantly.


Expand your cluster in a matter of minutes!

Parallel nature of the HPC systems enables them to be scaled very easily and effortlessly. A well designed HPC Cluster can be scaled in a matter of minutes, depending on the number of nodes it contains. This easy scalability gives users a chance to start small and built their cluster up when they feel the need.


Rock solid foundation!

Today most the World’s top HPC Clusters are built on top of Linux operating systems. This high level of utilization of Linux provides HPC systems, a very well designed & tested foundation to lay their cluster design on top. This rock solid foundation when combined with reliable hardware, redundant disks, redundant power supplies and more, delivers a very high uptime and a peace of mind!

Pros & Cons

High Performance Computing clusters has some downsides even though they provide a lot of benefits


  • Very high performance
  • Parallel computing
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Green computing & energy efficiency


  • Complex Design: Difficult to implement & build.
  • Troublesome Management: Need of experienced IT staff to manage the systems & keep it running.
  • Expensive: Generally requires more initial investment.

These downsides are exactly where CompecTA comes into place. We take all the burden from your shoulders and all you have to do is enjoy the benefits of the High Performance Computing.

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