CompecTA Bilisim ve İletisim Hizmetleri Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is established for serving IT consulting and integration purposes in the market in 2007. Our aim is to cover the lack of theoretical and practical knowledge on engineering services in IT sector.

"There isn’t any company who doesn’t require IT, instead, there are Companies who are not aware of IT requirement."


CompecTA has two main visions. The first one is the consultancy and applications for system integration, secondly, the training of performed service based on a curriculum. Both visions are the integral part of each other. These visions are structured in a way that the relevant training is to take place after integrated solution is provided or the client may aware of his needs and may demand appropriate solutions as per the consequence of training given.The aim is to enable customer focused solutions during the engineering and consultancy service.


The purpose of CompecTA is to be aware of the need before the Client notices and to provide high technology solutions in accordance with the requirements. These solutions are the fruitful outcomes of the Research and Development activities. The service given to the Client which is known by him is already delayed service. IT demands analysed and discovered by CompecTA provides uninterrupted and more productive work process. We call this as “Preemptive Engineering”.